Sunday, September 22, 2013

Get Paid to Watch TV

We watch TV for relaxation and entertainment every day. Most of us pay to watch TV through cable, satellite, or other providers. How does get paid to watch TV sound? Yes, you can get paid to watch TV.

You can join Neilson network to review television shows and provide required report to Neilson rating to receive reward. However, you can only join Neilson network by invitation only. Also Neilson will pick random TV shows for their selected members to do the reviews.

Another way to get paid to watch TV is to join Rewardtv and play trivia games. Rewardtv ask its member to watch TV shows and play trivia games about the TV shows you watched yesterday to earn points for questions you answer correctly. Members can redeem their point to gift cards or play sweep steak games to win cash reward.

Now there is new method to get paid to watch TV. A company called Viggle offers free app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices to earn points to watch TV shows.

How does it work? Download the free app from iTunes or Google Play and set up your account profile. Check in the show you are watching. Viggle will listen to your TV and check you into whatever you are watching. Once you are checked in, you begin earning points. Direct TV customers will receive 5000 points at registration. Memebers can redeem points to various gifts or gift cards.

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