Sunday, September 15, 2013

Get Paid to Listen

There are many way to earn extra money online and offline. Get paid to listen is good online money making method. Every day, we listen to radio, music, and audio book from free or paid sources. Now you can get paid to listen.

What is "Get Paid to Listen"? Companies offer incentives to their members listening online radio and music.

What is requirement to join get paid to listen? Anyone who has computer, Internet access can join the program.

How much does it cost to join the programs? It is FREE to join.

Where can find the programs? Here are few sites that offer get paid to listen program.

Slice the Pie is a music reviewing website. It offers incentives to its members to listen and review music of new artists. 13 year old plus can join the program. $10 minimum pay out via Paypal.

Hit Predictor (formally Promo Squad) is another music review site. Its members will earn points to listen and review music of the new artists. Members can redeem point to various gift cards.

977 is an online radio site that offers its member points to listen various radio stations.

Music xRay invites it members to participate focus group study.

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