Friday, September 27, 2013

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Many of us want to lose weight and try different weight loss methods, diets, exercise, etc. But only some succeed. We have another method to try, get paid to lost weight. It sounds unreal. But there are number of companies that pay people to lose weight.

HealthyWage designs and organizes weight loss challenges and contests in which participants can win money for losing weight. Healthywage offers three different ways for its members to get paid to lost weight.

  1. 10% Challenge allows you to put some pressure on yourself and double-down on your weight loss! It's simple way to make losing weight more fun and effective. You pay a $150 fee to participate. If you lose 10% of your body weight over six months, you win $300.
  2. BMI Challenge pays up to $1000 to users who move from an obese BMI (greater than 30) to a normal BMI (less than 25) over a year's time.
  3. The Matchup allows teams of five losing weight and winning the $10,000 first prize. The Matchup program is fun and extremely effective, offering team support.
  4. competitive motivation and significant cash prizes to make weight loss exciting and lasting. Most contests are open to anyone, but employees of corporate clients get reduced rates, motivation and lots of special attention.

Paid Research Studies offers clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. Weight loss program is one of many studies. If you are interested in other clinical trials, you can check their website to find trails opportunities available in your area.

Healthy loser offers weigh loss challenges to win up to $5,000.00. All constants must be 18 years or older unless they have consent from Parent or Legal Guardian. A fee of $100 is required to register for participation in the weight loss challenge which includes Unlimited Free coaching via the Healthy Loser Forum or email. Contests are capped at 300 participants and contestants are grouped together in order of registration.

Contestants require filling a pre-registration form with "VIDEO WEIGH IN" videos. Contestants who live in US and Canada have "Dr. Weigh-in page" option. Each weight loss challenge runs for 13 weeks. You will use your own strategies and methods for the healthy weight loss challenge to lose weight fast. After final weigh in verification, the person or persons who reach 15% or higher will be declared the winners of the Cash prizes they qualify for. Contestants may now weigh in at any time that is convenient for them and must complete final weigh-in on or before their 91 day end date. Weigh-in must be submitted no later than midnight of your deadline date.

Verification of winners and Prize payout will be paid within 30 days of weight loss challenge close.

Paid to lose weight is good way to earn some extra money. But it will not make you rich in any way. To verify if a paid to lose weight site is scam or not, you can check online through review sites such as or do research through Better Business Bureau.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Get Paid to Watch TV

We watch TV for relaxation and entertainment every day. Most of us pay to watch TV through cable, satellite, or other providers. How does get paid to watch TV sound? Yes, you can get paid to watch TV.

You can join Neilson network to review television shows and provide required report to Neilson rating to receive reward. However, you can only join Neilson network by invitation only. Also Neilson will pick random TV shows for their selected members to do the reviews.

Another way to get paid to watch TV is to join Rewardtv and play trivia games. Rewardtv ask its member to watch TV shows and play trivia games about the TV shows you watched yesterday to earn points for questions you answer correctly. Members can redeem their point to gift cards or play sweep steak games to win cash reward.

Now there is new method to get paid to watch TV. A company called Viggle offers free app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices to earn points to watch TV shows.

How does it work? Download the free app from iTunes or Google Play and set up your account profile. Check in the show you are watching. Viggle will listen to your TV and check you into whatever you are watching. Once you are checked in, you begin earning points. Direct TV customers will receive 5000 points at registration. Memebers can redeem points to various gifts or gift cards.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Get Paid to Listen

There are many way to earn extra money online and offline. Get paid to listen is good online money making method. Every day, we listen to radio, music, and audio book from free or paid sources. Now you can get paid to listen.

What is "Get Paid to Listen"? Companies offer incentives to their members listening online radio and music.

What is requirement to join get paid to listen? Anyone who has computer, Internet access can join the program.

How much does it cost to join the programs? It is FREE to join.

Where can find the programs? Here are few sites that offer get paid to listen program.

Slice the Pie is a music reviewing website. It offers incentives to its members to listen and review music of new artists. 13 year old plus can join the program. $10 minimum pay out via Paypal.

Hit Predictor (formally Promo Squad) is another music review site. Its members will earn points to listen and review music of the new artists. Members can redeem point to various gift cards.

977 is an online radio site that offers its member points to listen various radio stations.

Music xRay invites it members to participate focus group study.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Make Money Online By Being Online Juror

Most people living in United State know what jury duty is. US citizen who is 18 or older has civic duty to attend jury duty. The people that are selected to be jurors will go through judicial proceeding law suit. The judicial processing is very time consuming that could take days or months. Jurors are compensated by government for the time.

US citizen also can get paid to be an online juror. Online juror is new way of earning extra money online and is totally different from juror in the court house. An online juror is doing the work at their own home.

What is an online juror? Attorneys want to run mock trials before they go to actual court house. They want to some mock jurors who have similar back ground as real jurors of their cases to review case materials and get feedback from mock jurors.

What does an online juror do? An online juror can study the case materials such as audio, video, paper documents carefully at home. Online juror needs to answer questions and provide the feedback.

How much does an online juror get paid? An online juror can receive $15 up to $150 compensation for their time.

Who is qualified to be an online juror? The minimum requirement is that must be 18 year old and US citizen. Applicants are required to have computer and Internet access and fill out online application forms to be qualified.

You can find search phase “online juror” on google, yahoo, or bong, etc. to find online companies offer online juror jobs. Please do your research before you join to avoid scam.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Make Money Online -- Get Paid To Do Task (PTT)

There are many opportunities to make money online such as online survey, paid to click, paid to download, and even paid to play games. There are websites provide money making opportunities to do various tasks.

Paid per task sites also known as PPT sites offer their members to complete various tasks such as performing web search, watching Youtube videos, visiting websites and receive incentives. Most of PPT sits are no cost to join.

How does it work?
  1. Sign up PTT sites
  2. Confirm you registration
  3. Complete profiles on PTT sites
  4. Logon PTT site to complete daily tasks
  5. Read and confirm credit to receive credits to your account


The site allows its members to earn virtual currency (SB) by doing the things they do every day - search the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers. Redeem SBs to to gift cards

Quick Rewards

It found in 2002 and offers its members various ways to earn and save money through cash back, survey, web searching, watching videos, playing games, trying new products, and entering contests. No minimum required to cash out and PayPal payments are processed daily. Cash out at any time, as often as you'd like to gift cards, including Amazon and eBay.

My Points

Mypoints offers its members money making opportunities by online surveys, reading emails, playing games, and web surfing. Redeem points to various gift cards.

Nature Prizes

NaturePrizes is a "Get Paid To" (GPT) site that pays users to complete offers and surveys. Offers are very easy to complete, and you can also earn money from referrals. They currently offer PayPal and Amazon gift cards as payment options and I have been paid multiple times. The minimum payout is $5.00.

Squishy Cash


If you are looking to earn a few free extra bucks and dont mind sharing your information with reputable advertisers, then check out the Free Offers. No credit card is ever required. With daily opportunities, you will be amazed at how fast your account balance will grow! As you complete free offers, you will earn daily, weekly & monthly contest bonuses on top of your offer earnings.


If you are looking to earn a larger amount of money with little effort and are fine with using your credit card and possibly pay a small fee, then check out the Trial Offers. Some trial offers are completely free, however some may have a small trial fee for shipping/handling. You will get to try products and services during the trial period and are not obligated to keep the trial past the trial end date. As you complete trial offers, you will earn daily, weekly & monthly contest bonuses on top of your offer earnings.


If you already shop online and are not saving with SquishyCash, youve been missing out! We offer cashback rewards for shopping at all the same stores you already shop. If you do not see a store on our list, let us know and we do our best to add it! We sometimes are able to provide coupons codes for specific stores so you can save even more. As you shop online at SquishyCash, you will earn daily, weekly & monthly contest bonuses on top of your cashback earnings.


If you want to earn passive income on SquishyCash, then you must give our referral program a shot! You will earn $1 for every active referral* you send to SquishyCash and 25% of their cash offer earnings! Build a solid downline and cashout a balance every month for little to no effort!

Unique Rewards

Get paid with Unique Rewards through taking online surveys, web surfing, watching videos, enter contests and much more.

Paid to do tasks is fun way to earn some extra money. But it will not make you rich in any way. To verify if PTT site is scam or not, you can check online through review sites such as or do research through Better Business Bureau.

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