Sunday, October 20, 2013

Get Paid to Use Smartphone

As smartphones entered our life over 5-6 years, they become important part of our life. They are very powerful computer devices. We rely on our smartphones for daily schedule, direction, where to eat, online shopping, and banking, etc.

There is one more use of Smartphone. You can get paid to use Smartphone. How? There are companies offer money making opportunities to their members through free Smartphone Apps.

Ibotta offers it members free App for iPhone or Android based Smartphone to get paid to shop in over 50 retail chains cross US. You can use your Facebook, Google plus account to join the program. After you join the program, follow their steps to start earning cash rewards. The site offers $10 sign up bonus.

Jingit is another site offering free App to its members to earn cash reward while shopping in store and online.

Easyshift offers its members free App (iPod, iPhone, and iPad only) to receive various tasks such as checking stock of local store, etc. Members have 24 to 48 hours to complete assigned tasks and earn rewards.

Field Agent offers it agents to complete tasks such as on-shelf availability, Product review, demo & display compliance, etc. Agents get paid to complete assigned tasks. The free App is only available for IOS based devices.

Gigwalk offers it Gigwalkers to complete various assignments such as store audit, competitive tracking, and merchandising etc. for its clients’ project. Gigwalkers will get paid after the assignment completed. Gigwalk offer free mobile App on IOS and Android based devices.

Get paid to use Smartphone will enable you to earn extra incomes. But you cannot replace you day job with it. To verify if the paid to mobile App site is scam or not, you can check online through review sites such as or do research through Better Business Bureau.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Get Paid to Test Game

As my previous post, you can make money to play games online. There is also a market for game testing. You do not need to be a gamer to become game tester.

How does get paid to test game work? Game companies have quality assurance processes to find bugs in the programs. These processes are using to eliminate majority of coding errors during programing. Games companies also hire gamer as professional testers to play through entire game and find any malfunction section of the game for designers and programmers to resolve. But become a professional gamer is not easy. You not only need passion but also need lot of experiences to make good money.

Most of people like me are casual game players. Can we get paid to test game? The answer is yes. You can also get paid to test game as part time tester.

A company called Game Testers offers their member opportunities to test games on various platforms such PC, Mac, Smartphone, game console etc. with little or no experience. To become a member of the site, you need to complete their enrollment . Your information will be added to their database automatically after you enroll. As soon as they have a study that seems like a good fit for you, you will be contacted. The pay range is from $50 to $150 per hour.

To verify if the paid to test game site is scam or not, you can check online through review sites such as or do research through Better Business Bureau.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Get Paid to Drive

Get paid to drive is not a new concept. Have you seen Red Bull cars, advertisements on buses, trains, and subways? Businesses are willing to pay people to put AD on their cars in order to promote their business.

How does get paid to drive work? People drive to work, to shop, to take kids to school etc. on daily basis. Businesses created campaign to promote their products. They will pay people who allow a company to display an advertisement on their cars. People do not need to change their drive habit.

How much does get paid to drive pay? People can make few hundred dollars a month by display AD on their cars. Get paid to drive will not make enough to quit day jobs. But it will help to cover some daily expenses like gas, portion of auto load, etc.

There are companies online offering get paid to drive opportunities.

Free Car Media is a marketing company who offers get paid to drive opportunities to its members. At this time, most of their advertisement opportunities are for rear window advertisements that you will apply yourself with the help of their how-to instructions . If you are chosen as a driver, they will communicate with you through email about the opportunity to see if you would be a good fit with the product and advertiser. You can make from $50 to $900 a month.

Autowrapped offers opportunities to partial or full wrap it members’ cars with Ads during advertisers’ campaign period. Drivers need to meet its requirement and complete their online application form. Drivers can make $100 to $200 per month for partial wrap and $200 to $400 per month for full wrap.

Adz in Motion offers opportunities to put AD sticker on its members’ cars during advertisers’ campaign period. The drivers can make up to $500. Drivers need to meet its requirement and complete their free registration.

My Free Car offers it member to get paid to drive free car opportunities. Drivers need to meet it requirement and pay $37 onetime fee.

Paid to Wrap is a service that provides easy access for drivers to meet up with advertisers who want to pay you do wrap your car with their advertisement.

Paid to drive is good way to earn some extra money. But it will not make you rich in any way. To verify if a paid to drive site is scam or not, you can check online through review sites such as or do research through Better Business Bureau.

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